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McMaster or Western for Humanities (english) ???

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i've been accepted to both of these programs and I was just wondering if people who are in these programs already or just have general knowledge about these programs. any differences or similarities between them. thanks
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Well it's good to take your financial situation into account, considering it's an English B.A. don't get too picky because there are major similarities among a lot of English programs, unless there are some specific specializations offered within the program.

From what I know, McMaster isn't that great for Humanities and Social Sciences.

Western I'm sure is better!

Mac leaves it's non science/engineering stuff in the dark unfortunately.
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A photo of americanbeauty americanbeauty
Like Medic93 said, English programs across Canadian universities tend to be similar. That being said, I would recommend Western over McMaster because UWO has a good rep for their Humanities program, and the arts atmosphere in general is better. I've heard that at McMaster you won't find very many arts students because the school is more science and engineer-driven. Both campuses are nice, but I believe London would have more to offer than Hamilton.

Good luck to you!
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