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Hey everyone,

This is a question going out to anyone who goes to Mcmaster or is applying there. I just got accepted but I'm worried about the fact that I'm only guaranteed a spot in residence if I have an 82% average or higher. I'm most likely going to be slightly under that with an average from anywhere from 79-81%. Am I likely to still get a spot? Also what if I accept and don't get into residence? I live nowhere near Hamilton and would have no way of commuting. The schools website is lacking information, and I can't find an email to ask them about it. I assume there would be some sort of off campus housing, but like I said there's zero information.

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Found the email: resadmissions@mcmaster.ca
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It's hard to say, Mac residences are so crowded now (last year they actually overfilled and had to pay students to leave rez and look for other housing options instead). But don't worry, you'll find a place to live. There are tons of off campus student housing. Check out the off campus housing website (http://macoffcampus.mcmaster.ca/classifieds/index.php), Macinsiders marketplace (http://www.macinsiders.com/forumdisplay.php/off-campus-housing-196.html?f=196) and kijiji. Most of the listings up right now are for summer sublets though.

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