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McMaster Residence?

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Is it possible to get into a suite or apartment style residence if you are a first year student? If so, is there a way I can get a better chance at getting into it, like a survey/questionnaire type thing?

How is the party scene? Is it really loud, or just enough. I'm not one who wants to get trashed all the time, but I do like a good party every now and then!

How strict are the dons/room advisors/whatever you call them? How strict are they on things like alcohol, noise, crowds, etc?

Lastly, what kind of appliances are we allowed to bring?
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Yes, most of the people living on rez are 1st year students. I lived in Keyes (the suite style) in my 1st year. You can bring small appliances (coffee maker, kettle, toaster, toaster oven, etc). The kitchens are equipped with a fridge, stove and microwave already.

Rez is purely lottery (aka by luck) but you have a higher chance of getting into Keyes/Les Prince if you have a 95%+ admission average, because those students are guaranteed a single room (and Keyes is technically considered one since you have your own bedroom).

The party scene at Keyes is smaller than in some of the traditional dorm-style residences, but there are typically parties going on every weekend. The guys who lived in the suite above mine would throw a party every Friday night. I never had any incidences with the RAs, except for when one of my suitemates got issued a minor offence for underage drinking. Most of the RAs know first years are drinking but they turn a blind eye to it unless you're obviously wasted (my friend was throwing up in the hallway) or you're walking around with a beer bottle in hand. Keep your alcohol in your room and hidden.

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Thank you very much! That actually helped alot :)
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