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mcmaster supplementary application

A photo of gogopox gogopox
I really need some help and advice for the last question

Describe your most difficult experience in dealing with others and how did you handle this situation?

I talked about a recent fight that I have had with a friend and I discussed how I resolved it but I feel like it's not a good enough topic to write about

Any advice and opinion about this question is greatly appriciated :)
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A photo of rm12345 rm12345
Don't worry! If that is one of the most difficult experiences you had when dealing with people, then that's fine. Just write about the actual experience and tell them what happened, and how you felt. (Pretty much what you've already done) They're not looking for an over-extravagant topic; that doesn't guarantee you a spot. Last year I wrote about the four letter word "book" and why it should be expunged from the English Language. It's not about the topic, but rather how you convey it. I'm currently enrolled in the program, so I'm living proof that topic doesn't matter - how you present it does.
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A photo of DoctorGaga DoctorGaga
oh woww howd you explain "book" you mustve had a prettty awesome explanation cause im coming up blank as to why that should be expunged
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