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McMaster vs. Laurier vs. UTSC

A photo of BW06 BW06
hey guys, there gas been a lot of discussion about these 3 universities. I am wondering if you can break it down, the pros and cons of each university. All comments are appreciated!
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1) Laurier- great co-op program, very strong in accounting, one of the best for finance outside QIMS, great school spirit, lots of clubs, condensed campus, largest business undergrad program in Canada, hot (business) girls
2) UTSC- good
3) Mac- decent (cool trading floor)

Honestly I haven't done a whole lot of research into UTSC and Mac. Just enough to rule them out. I applied to Laurier so I know more about them.
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A photo of Jordan23 Jordan23
I will have to make this decision too if I don't make it into Waterloo AFM. It would be between UTSC Co-op management and Laurier BBA for me.
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A photo of truetrue1010 truetrue1010
Visit campuses and talk to students at each campus, talk to people in the program and how they are liking it, make sure that the campus fits your needs. Dont settle for a campus solely for its name and make sure you can see yourself spending 4 years there. Trust me you'd want to see it for yourself, what is perfect for someone will be a nightmare for you.
Personally, I regret not visiting campuses prior to applying to the schools I did.
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A photo of g93 g93
1 Laurier
3 McMaster
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A photo of prefontaine prefontaine
Laurier is by far superior. Because of the co-op program, I will be choosing Laurier over both Queens and Ivey (although I may transfer into Ivey later on).
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