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McMaster vs Laurier

A photo of summercandy summercandy
I got accepted to McMaster for Humanities and also the Social Sciences program. At Laurier the general arts (social sciences etc) I'm not too sure what I want to major in thought I am leaning towards a double major with communication studies and cultural studies. I am really undecided where I want to go. I'm from London but really didn't want to go to Western (wanted to go away for school) need any tips/advice on which program or school or city atmosphere is better. Thanks!
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A photo of cmcneil92 cmcneil92
Hey I don't know too much about McMaster, so I can't really compare the two schools, but I am just finishing up my first year at Laurier. I really like Laurier because it's got a really awesome community feel to it... everyone is so incredibly friendly and everyone always holds doors open for each other and things like that. It's also really nice because the whole City of Waterloo just kind of caters to students... the bus system is really good, there's a ton of student housing right around the school, and the city doesn't even really care on days like St. Paddy's day when everyone goes crazy. But overall, I'd tell you to go visit both the schools, and you'll pretty much just probably feel which one is right for you.
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