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McMaster Vs Queens Vs Western Engineering

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Okay, So I am going into engineering (leaning towards chemical) this year ( I haven't really decided which discipline though)
Anyway's I heard that Waterloo and U of T are the best in Ontario for engineering, but I heard they are both ridiculously hard. However they are basically a guaranteed job after university. However I ruled both of them out because engineering is already one of the hardest undergrad degrees I probably wont be able to handle the extra wok these universities will throw at me. Also, I heard their social scene is dead.

Anyway's so now my question is that what is my best choice other than those two. My marks are fine I just finished semester one with a 86.25 average (this semester looks like ill have a 88 - 90 average at least) so ill probably get into all my choices.
My choices in current order are
1. McMaster (Already accepted to it)- I think macs my best choice because its close to home (still gonna live on rez), has a co-op program and a good academic education. However, Im not sure of its reputation with employers, its social life and the effectiveness of its co-op program
2. Queens - I hear the social scene is good and its reputation is very good with employers, but has a cruddy co - op program (I think its only an internship). I'm mainly debating between Queens or Mac.
3. Western - It has a REALLY good social scene ;) and it also has co-op, but I'm not sure about the academic part.
Also I'm thinking of doing a small business degree along with engineering so only Mac and Western offer that, hence it still remaining a choice

So my question is basically which of these three universities has the best academic program, co- op program, employer reputation and social scene.
Any help from students who actually attend the university or have been hired by employers after graduating from these institutions will be appreciated.
Meanwhile biased answers towards any of these universities are useless :bounce:
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