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Mcmaster vs waterloo engin HELPHELPHELP):

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I've got accepted into the chem engin co-op of both waterloo and mcmaster, but i couldn't decide which school to go to. Does the co-op in waterloo really tat great or they are just the same as the other schools'?

well everyone knows that waterloo is a really great engin school with their co-op programs but it's really hard to get a good GPA, which is really important when i hav to get into the master degree as well..besides I've heard tat ppl there don't have much activities?

On the other hand, mcmaster is good with engin as well and has smaller class sizes, idk but it seems that mcmaster's got a more balanced school life. But the co-op in mcmaster seems not to be as great as waterloo's. Arghhh i've been thinking about it for a week but still couldn't decide. Can someone please help me?
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Waterloo's Co-Op program is amazing and you should definitely consider it! Personally, I didn't like Waterloo's campus, it was depressing. On the other hand, McMaster's campus was really nice. If you want a better student life, then go to McMaster. In terms of the program, you will learn basically the same things, but if I were you, I would highly consider Waterloo just because of its Co-Op program and the great opportunities available.

Difficulty wise Waterloo tends to be harder, but that all depends on how you work. If you are determined to keep up a high GPA and work hard at it, you can achieve it.
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