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McMaster vs. Western Kinesiology

A photo of yooho9798 yooho9798
Hey guys,
I'm currently in gr.12 and graduating this year.
Based on what I heard, Mac Kin and Western Kin are one of the best in Ontario. I have already got accepted to both university, but still not sure which one to go... I will really appreciate if you guys can me some input.
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A photo of HHuskies9 HHuskies9
mcmaster will probably have smaller class sizes and more specific course. Like i just checked both sites, western had four kinesiology specific courses and mcmaster has six. From what i've heard they're very similar in student experience even though western is thought of as crazy for partying.
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A photo of need2succeed need2succeed
Western! They are both great programs and great universities but Hamilton is the armpit of Ontario...
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