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My high school GPA is 88.97, I applied to McMaster (Application 105D on OUAC) cuz I graduated from high school 3 years ago and came from a different country ,, currently studying at [color=brown]Laurentian Uni.
I'm a female and lots of people wonder what the h*** I will be doing in Computer Science!! :flower:
Well to be honest, I find it easy for me and like a game. I loooove it more than soical science class that are really boring.

So,, what's my chance to get into McMaster's Software Eng. & Managment porgram
or/ the Business informatics program from computer science?

Here's my choices
1- CS -- Business informatics
2- Software Eng. & MGMT. (combined major)
3- BBA Commerce ( Information System stream).

All of them I chose as level II, cuz I assumed they will credit the courses I took at Laurentian (65 current GPA).

Also, if anyone studying there;
Does McMaster have good International students services?
Do they offer good meals at their resturants? just curious.

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A photo of Cutie Cutie
35 views and got no respond :thumbdown
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