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McMaster's Physical Science or Waterloo Life Science?

A photo of avp avp
I have already applied to these programs and in the midterm, I possessed an 87.66% average. I do know that Waterloo starts giving out early acceptances from late December.
So my first question is...Will get an early acceptance with that average and grade 11 avg of 87% also?

2) Which of these two programs are better?
I love physics but I still want to go into something related to medical school. Also, I couldn't apply for Mcmaster's life science because my biology course got cancelled this year which really pissed me off. But oh well, it's life...

Well, basically my question is will i get in to these two programs and if i do get into both of em...what should i go in to?...Your help will be very much appreciated...thx:bom:
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A photo of laura14 laura14
Hey I'm in uWaterloo Life Science (Biomedical Science).
I love it!
You shouldn't have too much difficulty getting in to either program.

My original choices coming out of high school were also physical sciences (medical and health physics) at Mac or Life Science (biomedical science) at waterloo.

Waterloo now this year is going to offer Life Physics (under Life Science), which sounds super cool!
Pretty much once you get into university changing between programs within a faculty is super easy, so don't worry too much about program selection now.

I ended up choosing waterloo because I plan on going to pharmacy school (which waterloo has a school of). However, I'm loving science here. Great profs and tons of help/tutors available all the time (for free!) and reasonable class sizes compared to other schools. The science faculty cares about it's students!

Waterloo may not have a med. school but there are still a number of pre-med kids here (and pharmacy and optometry).
There is a lot of work, but everyone helps each other out and is supportive, so it's all good. But calculus is rather brutal.

Don't worry about getting accepted (but keep your marks up!). I had mid 90's and heard from waterloo in december and Mac in february.
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
Physical science is different from life science.
And the schools are completely different.
Go to Waterloo for physics. Ranked 5th in Canada.
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A photo of avp avp
Hi guys..thx a lot for ur input...
well i applied to both..and surprisingly, i got an offer from waterloo already for life sciences!!!And this early acceptance they offered was purely based on my grade 11 average...
I have a question...Can I accept this offer right now and still make changes later on..let's say if I wanna go in to Mac once I get accepted to physical sciences...
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A photo of Motivation Motivation
hey avp just wondering, when did u apply?
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I applied 2 weeks ago
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