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McMaster's Software Eng.?

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My high school average is 89.60 im applying to Mcmaster for the following options under CS department:

Business Informatics --- CS
Software Eng. & managment -------- CS

Bachelor of Commerce -- Business

I would like to know how much GPA I mus have to STAY IN THE PROGRAME After we start 1st term.

Would they kick me out if I didn't maintain their required average??

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With that average you're certain to get into McMaster engineering.

For engineering, McMaster has a general first year. The higher your marks are the greater the chance you will get into the program for second year. In order to stay in any engineering program you need a 4 average on McMaster's 12 point scale. The software engineering program is fairly small so I would say that you don't need that high of a GPA to get into it.

Also if you keep your high school average high and maintain a C- average in first year with no failures you get free choice, meaning that you will get into any program you want.
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