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Meal Plan + Residence

A photo of Marie5 Marie5
So meal plans are optional or mandatory according to your residence, my question is is meal plans worth it?

According to a relative, her daughter goes to UWO and not only is a $3,000 meal plan too much, a fraction of it also goes to something along the lines of a maintenance fee.

Does this apply to all universities? (York, in particular)
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Well if you live in a traditional residence (with no kitchen), then a meal plan is pretty much necessary. I lived in a suite style rez with kitchen but meal plans are mandatory at Mac, so I still had to get one. However, since I had access to a kitchen, I was allowed to get a reduced meal plan ($1850) and that STILL was too much for me. I ended up treating my parents to dinner in the restaurant on campus a bunch of times when they came to drop me off to spend it all.

Right now I live off campus and I have a freedom meal plan where I just add money to it (min. $20 increments) whenever I need more and that's more useful for me, though you have to pay tax (the regular meal plans are exempt from tax). I would suggest getting the lightest meal plan possible unless you're staying on campus all the time (including weekends) or getting a meal plan where you can add money to it at your own leisure.
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A photo of biosci biosci
Meal plans at Guelph are also mandatory. They are a good idea. I got a Full meal plan last year which was $4150.00 and it lasted me the entire year. I never starved that's for sure. About $1000.00 went to a stupid fee but you get huge discounts and no tax with the meal cards.

I would reccomend getting the smaller one like "inthemaking" said. That would be the best way to go. When it runs out you can add money to it.

Also bring a small bar fridge. My roommates had one and it's a great idea. You can store snacks and milk in it..or alcohol LOL Eating breafast or one meal a day at home really saves you money.

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