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Meal Plans

A photo of 17socs 17socs
How much are meal plans from school to school and how much do they cost?
What level of meal plan is best to get?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
It really depends on what school you're looking at.
Most schools range from $2000-$4000.
As for which one to get, it depends how big of an appetite you have and how often you plan on staying on campus to eat.
Look it up on the specific university's website, it should have a list of different meal plans with examples.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I got the lowest one possible at Mac and it was still $1850. It was only available to students who lived either in the suite or apartment style residences though (because we had a kitchen). And I STILL couldn't finish it, I treated my parents to dinner so many times at Mac and bought lots of snacks that I would just bring home. It is really hard to finish a meal plan because you aren't even there for all of 8 months (reading week, Christmas break, some weekends etc) unless you don't plan on going home during the school year.
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A photo of jbn046 jbn046
I had the smallest meal plan last semester which was 1800 dollars, I didn't finish it and hardly went. I cancelled my meal plan for second semester. It depends on whether you will use it or not so it isn't a waste of money. However I am in an apartment style residence so I have a kitchen I can use.
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