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Mech Eng in Windsor, Ottawa, and Conestoga

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I'll be an international student from Japan and think about immigration to Canada through university. I think about studying mechanical or hopefully aerospace engineering to be employed as an engineer.

Well, I have applied to Aerospace Eng in Ryerson, Mech Eng in Ottawa, Windsor(aerospace option), Concordia, Conestoga College Mechanical System Engineering (this is a degree program) and so on.

First, I have already had an admission offer from Windsor, to the new Mech Eng aerospace option. I know this Mech Eng is famous for automotive option of this engineering field, but I've encountered not so many good reputation about this school. What do you make of this offer and this school?

And I have googled Ottawa mech eng, but so far no site has been really helpful in deciding what is good and bad about these. I know that in the ranking this school is at least good, not necessarily the best. Can you give me some tips about this program?

As for Conestoga, where in the ranking would this school be located? I've heard that college bachelor programs will not be helpful to continue studying in graduate school of universities, but is that mostly the case?

I must add that I think about employment after getting my bachelor, so I gues the so-called top three universities will not be good for me. And if the situation requires, I'll go to one of those universities to get my master.

Thanks in advance!
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Another new info.

I've got an offer of admission for Conestoga's BACHELOR mechanical system engineering program. Also I've got to reply to Windsor if I register or not within another week.

I understand that if I respond OK to the offer from Windsor, it would be rude to ignore the coming letters or something, just because I change my mind to go to another school. But Conestoga's program seems more attracting than Windsor's, even though I value the prestige and connection the university holds. Plus, Windsor is in the latter half of my priority ranking, and I wanna wait for another offer, if it would come.

Could you please give me any tips about at least these two schools?
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My accept/decline response is due Feb 22. Anyone help me out!(I know it's finally me who should make a decision)
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How are your marks in school in Japan. The schools that you have applied to are definitely great for getting a degree. But if you want to truly be challenged, you should have applied to Engineering Science at UofT, than take the Aerospace stream.
If I were you, I would wait till next year, until the next round of applications come out for UofT, since the SPF is already due.
Plus, since you are japanese, toronto is a great place and has a large asian community, although it is predominantly mainland chinese, and hong kong chinese community. I believe that toronto would be a great place.


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