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Mechanical Eng U of T

A photo of snowbunny snowbunny
Does anyone know what the cutoff is at U of Toronto for Mech eng?
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A photo of cheers123 cheers123
not exactly, but you can take a look at the statistics provided by CUDO (common university data ontario) to get an idea.
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A photo of zaidpass zaidpass
Mid to prolly low 80's
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A photo of WaterfallOfDestiny WaterfallOfDestiny
The Mechanical Engineering cutoff has historically been in the high-80's (i.e. above 87). Of course, this changes from year to year depending on the applications received.
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A photo of Supernovav Supernovav
I'm wondering the same thing also. But recently my school had a small university fair. And the representative told me it was mid to hi-80s so yea, 87.5s and up but its mainly for maths and sciences, but they also said that even if you have a 70 in like English you shouldn't be discourage to apply because they are looking for well rounded students. So extra curricular activity can help you get in, can someone tell if it thats actually true?
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