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Mechanical Engineering help?

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Hello I'm interested in going into mechanical engineering but I have some issues over what school to pick. So far I've narrowed it down to Waterloo and Queens but I can't decide for the last school.

I picked waterloo because of their coop program and the quality of their engineering programs in general. But from what I've also learned is that the programs are really killer and there's a lot of competition, so that's a down side. Queens was more of a "I just want to go there" thing so I could knock it off the list if there were better options as I haven't heard a lot about the queens mech eng program. But if it is a good school then I would consider going there as they also have coop option.

I've heard some good things about Carleton and their engineering and was wondering if their program for aerospace engineering any good? I think that the aerospace engineering program would be very interesting and something that I'd want to get into. Also is their coop program well organized like waterloos? My average right now is about 93% and judging from their cut off at carleton it looks like I could aim for better schools I'm not too sure.

My other option was UofT for mech eng as they are an overall good engineering school but I'm having concerns about how hard it will be and the size of the classes. Carleton or UofT which is better?

So really if anyone has good advice about waterloo, queens, uoft, and carleton pros and cons I would really appreciate it.

Thanks !
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A photo of michaelsucharda michaelsucharda
My cousin is in third year at queens for mech eng and he really enjoys it. (but im pretty sure almost everyone you ask will say that they like their program). I dont know much about waterloo, it just never seemed to interest me as i cant see myself going there. But the bottomline is that both schools are excellent choices. waterloo has great coop so if you like that then thats awesome, but i think queens has the better student life so theres more to do outside of class, which can make university a much more enjoyable experience.

I know nothing about carleton unfortunately. But UofT is right up there with queens and waterloo as top eng programs in the province as far as im concerned. My vote is UofT over carleton because of reputation and with your avg i dont think the competition will be too bad. (Both are below queens in my opinion, but im biased and think student life is almost as important if not just as important as academics).

Keep in mind, its only december. You dont have to pick a school tomorrow. What im gonna do is go for a couple tours and wait until i get accepted before making my decision.

Good luck!
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I wouldn't be concerned with reputation at all for an undergrad engineering degree. Here are things you should consider:

- The various disciplines the schools offer. If you want something specific like aerospace, that limits your options
- Whether you know what discipline you want right away. If not look into a general first year
- Co-op or non co-op. Waterloo's co-op program is probably the best in the country. Work experience is important
- General atmosphere of the university. This is best determined by visiting the campus
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A photo of Apeng Apeng
Two more days and I finish my first term of mechanical engineering at Waterloo!

... It was pretty intense, but if you are a hard-worker. You will make it through fine.

The atmosphere is of the University is so so, but we got a lot of new buildings.

The Co-op is definitely worth it. I would say most of my friend found a job.
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