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mechanical or chemical engineering at uft?

A photo of errol23 errol23
which one is better? in the sense,,which one would be easier?
also...in my 3rd year im planning to take bioengineering. so would mechanical engineering OR chemical engineering be more appropriate for preparing for bioengineering in year 3 at uft?
also, any of you done the same thing ?
tnx a lot :)
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A photo of mhzmhz mhzmhz
well if u want the easier one i'd say mech (also, i'm in mech lol)
first semester of first year i had i think 26 hours and now i have 28.. not much different from chem but second year mech has i believe 18 hours of class in first semester? whereas chem has about 40 due to all the labs and stuff. although 3rd year mech is brutally hard, but then again, all 3rd year is hard lol! so go for mech :)
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