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Mechatronics Engineering

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I think that I am interested in mechatronics because I'm interested in machines, computers and the idea of making them work together. However, I am not actually entirely sure what one does in mechatronics. Does anyone know what kind of things I could expect to do if I end up getting accepted into the program? Also, does anyone know what kind of jobs there would be for an engineer in this field? Could I reasonably work in any of the mechanical, computer or electrical engineering fields since my program would combine all three?

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A photo of Turpunski Turpunski
I, like you, have also looked at mechatronics. In the past the disciplines in engineering used to be very separate without one field knowing much about the other. Now days there is no fine line between the disciplines because of how technology is advancing particularly in electronics. Mechatronics, as you said, combines the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. I would suspect a mechatronics engineer is one who works on projects relating to controlled or autonomous robotics, ROV's, UAV's, things along those lines. I'm sure there are other things these personal would do, but the field is relatively new and I don't know much about it.

Can't tell you much about what to expect from your program, but as a mechanical engineering student I can tell you that mechanical engineers learn quite a bit about electric circuits and control systems which are all the basis of mechatronics. I don't know much about the programs in the eastern end of the country, but some of the universities in the western end, University of Victoria for example, only offer mechatronics as fourth year level courses in the mechanical engineering program meaning it is a specialized field a student has chosen to go into.

It all depends on how your program is structured, but I would say it's a safe bet that you could work in any of the mechanical, electrical, or computer fields. Priority will probably be given to, say an electrical engineer over a mechatronic engineer, for a electrical engineering position because that individual may have had more specific training in an area. However, because mechatronics is so broad one will posses a wide diversity of skills that will definitely prove an advantage in the job market.
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A photo of jordencolwell jordencolwell
It seems to me that the mechatronics is largely based in mechanical engineering. Im not sure on this however, as my university only offers it as a specialization, but my degree will still be in mechanical engineering
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