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Medical school vs Biotechnology Degree vs PhD in Biochemistry

A photo of Rancy Rancy
I was wondering what would be a better choice. I was contemplating on going to medical school, or completing a biotechnology degree, or completing a PhD in Biochemistry.

Of course, my plans are either to become a doctor, or to become a researcher and experiment with possibly cells.

Biochemistry sounds like I could receive the same jobs as i would from a biotechnology degree. Also, if I were to go to medical school, it woud not be necessary to attempt to major in Biotchnology.

The reason I chose biotechnology was because it gives me the opportunity to take courses surrounding biochemistry and chemical engineering, two fields which interest me.

Also, I do wish to one day work in Japan.

So I am not sure where to begin. Perhaps a little advice forum?

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A photo of ktel ktel
There's no "better" choice. You could potentially do them all. I would choose what you think is the best undergrad for you in case you don't get into med school. Take things one step at a time.
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A photo of CailynBrown CailynBrown
I would suggest to go for medical school. It would cover all aspects of health care and later on you can go for specialization course. Doctors have been in demand for years and will always be. The opportunities in biotechnology and biochemistry are limited in comparison to medicine. In medical career you'll also get a lot of scope for advancement. Following site would give you more information about the medical career.


Hope this would help you.
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