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Medical Sciences at Western??

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Hi, I've applied to these universities so far:

Mac - Health Sciences
Mac - Life Sciences
Queens - Science

I'm still deciding on one or two more universities to apply to, possibly, UofT - Life Sciences and Western - Medical Sciences

I was wondering how Medical Sciences at Western compared to the other universities I've applied to. Will it help me get a good gPa for med school? What are the classes like?
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"Will it help me get a good gPa for med school?"

That's totally dependent on how hard you work, high school compared to University is a big joke in my opinion. I know friends of mine who were honour roll students in high school and then had this attitude going into University "Oh I had an 80+ average without trying in High school, and I'm pretty intelligent" and did poorly in first year, poorly as in 60s in courses like Chemistry, & Physics.

Here's the thing, doing well in high school doesn't justify your success in University completely. Sure, someone who was always competent with their academics all through out their education prior to entering post secondary will most likely do well, but that is if they work hard. In University, you can't expect to go to lecture, sit down and be like "Oh I don't need to study or review this cause I understand it in lecture".

Life Sciences/Science/UWO's Biological & Medical Science program are really similar in first year. Everyone will take the typical first year courses such as a Calculus & or Statistics, 2 semesters of Chemistry, 2 semesters of Biology, and of course you get your elective in another department. Physics depends on the school, some require for you to take it in first year, some don't. Now, after 1st year, the programs become less comparable in terms of a general overview because they all branch off into different specializations, way too many to list so look them up lol.

There are actual University students here on this forum that are actually graduates of Westerns BMSc program so they'll provide you with more in depth information upon the program and school itself.
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Medic93 is correct, most first year science programs (Mac health sci aside) are pretty much carbon copies of each other. Western isn't perceived to be notoriously difficult and a high average is attainable.
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