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Meeting People in University - 4th year

A photo of JavierSalez JavierSalez
Hey forum,

I hope you guys can help me with my problem!

How do you meet people on your last year of university? Any ideas? I know that by this time (your last year in univ), your supposed to be established in a group of friends already but I have just been indifferent for the past 4 years about friendships (I've made several of course but I'm not satisfied and I want to increase my friendships) and I've decided that with my last year in university, I would maximize and meet new friends.

If it helps, I go to UBC and I DONT live in residence. I thought of going to social clubs but I think its too young for me (most of the members are 19-20 years old) and I kinda dont think we'd be interested in the same things anymore (they want to get smashed, i've been there). i've never actually been to a social club so maybe I'm wrong? My perception is that its mostly freshmen who go here and I'd feel weird if I was the only senior there.

What clubs or activities should I consider?? any tips... please help! :scratch:
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A photo of CatRunner CatRunner
What are your interests? Find a club that is of interest to you and join it!

I have found that there are people of all ages, including grad students, in various university clubs. It may be different at UBC, but the only way to find out is by joining a club or two, and seeing if you enjoy it.

Do you like sports? Join an intramural team. Do you enjoy anime? Join the anime club. Into sci-fi? Join the sci-fi club. Have a keen interest in your major? Join the club/association for your major.

Another way to meet people is by volunteering. Is there a subject or organization that you are passionate about? If so, volunteer for them.

We can't tell you what clubs or activities to consider, because only you know what interests you. I've met tons of people through the Nutrition Students Association, the Equestrian Club, the Running Club and as a group fitness instructor here at Guelph, but none of that will help you if you don't share those interests, and if those clubs/activities aren't offered at your school.

In summary: join a club or participate in activities that interest you. That's the best way to meet people.
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A photo of ktel ktel
Sports team. Hands down the best way to make friends in my opinion. I will suggest rugby as a particularly social sport.

Otherwise university clubs also work well. I joined an engineering design team (albeit I already had friends on the team) but made many new friends and met my current boyfriend!
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A photo of JavierSalez JavierSalez
Thanks CatRunner and ktel! helps a lot! I think I will do just what you guys said. I've created a list of clubs I'm planning on getting involved in once classes start. Thanks again =)
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