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A photo of Qrua Qrua
This is a mix of the 25 most popular songs from 2009. Of course the songs aren't that old but it still brings back good memories even though most of them have been drilled into our head 5000 times and are soooo overused. Nonetheless the guy who has mixed this has some real talent so focus on the mixing talent as opposed to the overused songs. So here you go have a listen:


P.S. the 2010 version isn't nearly as well mixed
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Love this remix!
Still have it on my iPod and still play it ALL the time. :)
The 2010 sucked compared to this one.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Great remix.

Memories, yes; good ones, not necessarily. :silent:
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A photo of lemony lemony
Weird, I was just listening to the 2010 remix for the first time last night. Not half as good as 2009, but I guess that's because I never really liked Ke$ha or Katy Perry's "California Girls".
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A photo of Qrua Qrua
Now for some real memories, have a listen to this, the 2008 version, a different take on pop and it actually competes with the 2009 one.

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