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Min. Grade Requirement

A photo of cPadfoot cPadfoot
Is there a minimum grade requirement for each subject for Computer Science. For example I know you need at least a 70% overall grade average but is there other restrictions like at least 70% in ENG4U or MHF4U? The unis I'm wondering for is UofT, UTM, Guelph.
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
Not that I know of, but if you're below 70% in high school, you're going to have fun at UoT
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A photo of cPadfoot cPadfoot
Meh getting 70% flat in Functions, dropped cause my teacher gives BS tests and can't teach (my school is full of crime, teachers getting charge for assault and all that so we're short of teachers sigh), dropped 5 percent from trig tests. English I got 80+ and 80's in other courses.
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