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Minimum final average to maintain admission

A photo of TigerBlood TigerBlood
so, I got into western engineering way back in march and started to slack off. Only now I realized that I might not be able to maintain the 82 average that is required to maintain my admission(my final top5 in worst case scenario will be 78-80)

What do you think western will do if my final average hits 79 at end of june? Has any uni ever retracted an offer because of final average?

I know I can bring my marks up in the time that is left but I just cant stop thinking about it! I need some assurance.
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A photo of steele steele
Well, I can tell you that universities will revoke acceptances based on marks below a set average... :(

The best plan right now would be to work your ass off in the next month and half before finals, that way you won't be in serious danger of a revoked acceptance.

It's typically not a huge hurdle when it comes to 2-3%, you just need to put in a bit of hard work. Though if all else fails, I'd consider talking to your teachers about bumping up marks.
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