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A photo of josierichards josierichards
Hey, so I've applied to three different schools for social work and I was wondering if anybody knew there minimum admission grade averages. :)

I applied to : Waterloo

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This post was deleted

A photo of Saruna Saruna
Electronicinfo.ca is a good site with information about university programs. I've found it helpful in looking up the averages for the programs I was interested in.
Good luck! :)
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A photo of jenny12sohn jenny12sohn
Doesn't it say on their websites? If not, electronicinfo.ca is the place to go.
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A photo of kseguin kseguin
this is something you should have known BEFORE you applied to university
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A photo of bulletxstar bulletxstar
okay I'm not POSITIVE
but, I'm pretty sure the admission average for Ryerson is 70% plus.
I remember going to Explore Ryerson a couple of months ago and the admissions officer for the BSW program said that to be competitive you should have a overall average of 75% or about and a English mark of 75% or above. i received my acceptance from Ryerson a couple of weeks ago with a 85% avg with 5 U/M courses completed. They gave me a conditional of 77% average and 70% in English. I hope i helped! Goodluck!
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