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Missed the guarantee at waterloo residences...

A photo of HighC HighC
Today I found out that the $500 deposit I made didn't go through (I thought it did) so basically I missed the guarantee of getting into the waterloo residences. Which I really wanted to do.

However there will be forms going up on August 3rd, for waterloo residences. My question is should I just go to Renison or wait for the application on August 3rd?

Oh, and as for the waterloo residences, I really just wanna get into REV that's all, would there even be any vacancies at REV by August 3rd?
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A photo of greygoose greygoose
REV is one of the less popular residences, so you definitely have a fighting chance. You should contact the housing office ASAP. Here is their contact info:

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