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A photo of colakid123 colakid123
So I'm going to McGill next year and because the Meal Plan is super expensive, I was thinking of opting out. I still want to stay on-campus though, and I don't want to be isolated into a Greenbriar apartment, so I thought MORE houses were a good choice. If you or someone you know stayed in one, how were the experiences with:
1) socializing and the "res community"
2) cleanliness
3) distances to faculties/libraries etc.
4) cooking and grocery shopping
How much money was saved by opting out of the meal plan?

ALSO: I get my first choice of res, so if there is one you recommend above all else, let me know. I'm open to anything cost-permitting.
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A photo of ghana1994 ghana1994
If you stay at MORE, it's got the homely feeling. I'm not sure about cleanliness and distance. But, if you opt out of the meal plan, you save A LOT. It'll cost you half of what the meal plans cost, apparently.

Unless you're set on MORE houses, you should check out Solin. It is a bit further than the others, but it's cheap, got a good atmosphere, and everyone who doesn't want a meal plan seems to pick Solin for some reason, so there must be something better about it compared to Greenbriar and MORE. An acquaintance told me the people from Solin are just amazing!

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A photo of colakid123 colakid123
bump. Has anybody ever been in a MORE house (either living or visiting)?
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