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Morning, Afternoon or Nightime: The best time for classes?

A photo of KeileTheFriendlyMuuMuu KeileTheFriendlyMuuMuu
It seems that at Carleton, everyone has chosen to take their first year classes in the morning as opposed to the afternoon or night, given that all the morning classes the popular subjects like psychology and political science are full while the other classes are still open.

Is there a good reason for this choice trend? Do first-year students anticipate better learning in early as opposed to later classes? Does taking a class during the morning, from hours 8AM-12PM make it easier to work from 12PM to 5PM? Or does everyone eventually have to fill their day with classes?

Where do people find the time to work anyway?
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A photo of CatRunner CatRunner
It totally depends on the type of person you are. If you are a morning person, you will learn better in the morning. If you are a night owl, you might prefer night classes.

Some people like to have classes in the morning to get them out of the way, and to force them to get up. It can become very easy, when you have only afternoon classes, to sleep in, and lose out on a whole bunch of productive time during the day, because you were sleeping in.

Also, a lot of on-campus clubs and activities take place either late in the afternoon or in the evenings. If you are heavily involved in clubs, intramurals, or other activities, than evening classes can quickly get in the way.

Personally, I prefer to have classes in the morning and labs in the afternoon. I hate evening classes, but have a couple of them because there are some required classes for my program that are only offering in the evenings. I also find I don't do well in morning or evening labs (not awake enough in the morning, and too tired at night). Morning classes and afternoon labs works out perfectly for me, when I have the luxury to choose when to take certain classes. Unfortunately, I don't, and so my schedule is all over the place.

To summarize, everyone is different. But morning classes (unless you skip them) typically force you to get up so you don't waste half the day sleeping in.
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A photo of skittlesmeister skittlesmeister
In addition...some advice from my own experiences:

If you have different classes/timetables for two semesters, make sure that you keep the time when you need to wake up for class somewhat consistent. Last year I made the mistake of having my rounds of classes (and my day) start at 2:00pm first semester, and then moving to 2nd semester where I had 8:30am class every day of the week. It was absolutely horrible trying to switch between the two schedules, and forcing myself to wake up at 8:00 when I was used to waking up at 12:00.

Serious lack of foresight there...caused a lot of class to be missed.
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