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Most Crazy House Party Youve Been To?

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so since theyll be lots and lots of partying in uni we might as well share our most crazy house party stories here
ill go first
this litterally happened last night
my friend threw this party because his parents left to go to the cottage for easter so he had the home to himself so he litterally invited every1 he knew
there was 80 people crammed into a 3 bedroom house in toronto so the house isnt to big
everyone just decided to go off puke was everywhere ppl were hooking up left right and center and the cops came twice although my friend talked to them and convinced them everything was under control
we were also jamming out to dubstep all night and in the morning my friend found out his car was stolen becuase he left the keys on the keyhook in the kitchen
he ended up finding it down the street later on
litterally nobody remembers anything about the party but the pictures are slowly bringing memories back
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