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Most LGBT friendly universities in Ontario?

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I'm currently applying for Waterloo, Queen's, Western and Ryerson. I know that education is the most important part - but I was wondering which university was the most LGBT friendly?
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i know this doesn't answer your question but, from what i've seen, pretty much all large universities are LGBT friendly. young students are very open-minded and i always see LGBT stickers and posters up when i went on campus tours of waterloo, ryerson and u of t. i would imagine the same for the universities you're planning on attending.
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You’re right to wonder how LGBT-friendly your future University will be. The atmosphere of the University has a large influence in how well you learn. If you feel more comfortable at a University, you’ll find it easier to relax and do well; what’s more, if you feel at home and part of your school’s community, you’ll probably find it easier to make friends and grow personally as well. I remember seeing a pride flag in the UofT admissions handbook in high school and feeling so relieved to know that the University wanted me.

Personally, I go to UofT St. George and my experience as a gay student there has been quite good. In many of the buildings there are “positive space” posters with rainbow triangles to promote acceptance of people of different sexualities. I also took a Sexual Diversities course at UofT, which helped me to resolve a lot of the internal debates going on about my sexuality. With the Universities you listed, I don’t have any direct experience, but I have a friend in Waterloo who told me there was a “Queers wear Jeans” day. I also remember walking by Ryerson and seeing a bunch of people waving rainbow flags during Frosh Week. And I just asked my friend at Queen’s (lol I have quite a large network :P) and she said she finds it very LGBT-friendly. So it seems that most of these Universities are quite LGBT friendly.

Perhaps a good way to judge for yourself is to go on tours of the Universities and see how comfortable you feel in each of the environments :). You might also want to see if the Universities have strongly enforced anti-discrimination policies, and whether or not they have active LGBT student groups on campus (I’m not personally part of the LGBT group on my campus, but their presence still helps to reassure me that the University remains aware of LGBT issues).
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well most universities would be i guess...but i know TRENT U would be number 1 since they have a lot of activists there for gays and against homophobia.
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I would say nearly every university in Ontario (and indeed, Canada) will be very LGBT friendly. University is where you truly get a chance to meet people of all different cultures, ethnicities, religions and yes, orientations as well. So you will have a great deal of support no matter where you attend in Ontario.

Speaking as a student at U of T, I can further vouch for Toronto being an extremely inclusive and LGBT friendly city - if not one of the most LGBT friendly cities in the world, along with San Francisco. The Church-Wellesley village just a few blocks down from U of T St. George and Ryerson will be a great area of support and events for the LGBT community as well.
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I can't say specifically for University of Waterloo, but I know that Laurier is really LGBTQ friendly. At Laurier and Waterloo, I know that the LGBT centres work together a lot, and students are welcome to use the services at both schools.

Kitchener-Waterloo in general is really LGBTQ friendly, I see a lot of same-sex couples around, like yea, they'll get an occasional stare from the older people. KW is essentially a student city (with UW, WLU and Conestoga) so people there are overall really friendly. There's also an LGBTQ bar that a lot of people frequent in Kitchener.
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@xxv wrote
I'm currently applying for Waterloo, Queen's, Western and Ryerson. I know that education is the most important part - but I was wondering which university was the most LGBT friendly?

Hi there, I’m surprised to see that you haven’t listed the University of Toronto as one of the options!
The university of Toronto Prides (haha!) itself in being a very positive space environment. It is very sensitive to the needs of the LGBTQ community and the student body is very respectful and tolerant of all differences. There are a number of LGBTQ friendly student groups and equity initiatives that all students are welcome to be a part of! Check it out:

http://utsu.ca/section/1022 Clubs List

http://www.equity.utoronto.ca/sgdo.html Equity Initiatives
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