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Most paid engineering in Canada???

A photo of mandeepthebest mandeepthebest
which is the most paid engineering degree in CANADA?????
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A photo of ktel ktel
Most paid? Do you mean highest paid? There's a lot of money in construction. Engineers aren't exactly highly paid though.
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A photo of Slasher61 Slasher61
Engineers don't make as much as you may think. My friend's father is an engineer and he has been working for the same company for 20 years and he only makes about 35 dollars an hour. His mother was an engineer as well and she ended up quiting her job to become a chemistry teacher because she said she wasn't getting paid well. But if you are calculating how much they make a year, subtracting holidays and other dates off that, it doesn't translate into the 100,000 everyone seems to think they make.

However, I do live in a smaller area (population of about 50,000 or more). In areas like Toronto you will make much more.

If you're thinking that there is big money in engineering in Canada, you are in the wrong place unless you wish to work for a giant company in big cities.
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A photo of Sapper1815 Sapper1815
There is a wide range, and it's specific to the individual circumstances. But looking at B.C. as an example, there are lots that do make $100,000+. http://www.apeg.bc.ca/services/employmentcentre/documents/compsurvey2010.pdf
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A photo of paqj0931 paqj0931
This question always makes me laugh, but I suppose since the cost of living fails to decrease from year to year people are curious.

Well, if you think about it, what are some important things in life that we need to survive: food, oil, and nuclear power come to mind. These industries rely on Chemical, Industrial, and Nuclear engineers most heavily which is why they would seem to be well endowed.

It is very tough to speculate though because it will depend on the situation. For instance, an engineer working in the Oil Sands of Alberta will be making a huge sum of money as compared to someone doing the same job closer to the city as living conditions are absolute crap and they do require some form of added compensation for working out there.

But if you are truly in this gig for the money, you will want to end up in management. Once you start managing engineering projects and engineers rather than working on the technicalities of the projects you will be making larger sums of money as you will be held with more responsibility.

In short:

- more necessity for products = more pay
- more time invested = more pay
- more of lifestyle given up = more pay
- more responsibility = more pay

Hopefully this helped, but not too much as I would hate for someone to use this as a guide to find their future career. Choose based on what you enjoy doing.
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