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Music Programs: Waterloo, Laurier, Guelph

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I have applied to music programs at all three universities and am
trying to compare their programs. I know that Laurier is known for having the best music program,
and you get a music degree, but how much better is this compared to an arts degree with a major
in music through Guelph or Waterloo? Is there really much of a difference between music at Guelph or
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A photo of MissSmile MissSmile
Laurier has a really strong program, but it's insanely competitive. When I looked into Guelph's music program, I found it very weak, but if you're just interested in general knowlege of music that would be a good place to go. There's also no audition for Guelph music, which can either be an advantage or a disadvantage. Conrad Grebel at Waterloo might be a good choice as well, but when I visited I found it to be quite small and hole-like. Waterloo has a stronger music program than Guelp, but there is still only one professor for each instrument.

Depending on how competitive you want your program to be, I would probably say Waterloo is the middle ground. If you want general, go to Guelph. Competitive, go to Laurier.
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Top Music:

UTSG - Classical.

York - Jazz

Western/Laurier - Classical
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