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My chances at a good uni

A photo of Crispy122 Crispy122
My marks

Advanced Functions (75%, going to redo it in night school)(I think i will get 90+ in night school)
Calculus (Predict a 85%)
Business leadership (predict 90%)
Macroeconomics (Predict 92%)
English (predict 85%)

Accounting -86% (predict ill reach 89% by end of semester)
Finance - 90% (Predict 93%)

I only have accounting and finance and gym this semester, my counselors messed up my timetable, saying all classes were full -_-

Applied to:

Wilfrid Laurier University
BBA/BA Honours Business Administration & Honours Financial Mathematics (Double Degree Co-op program) (COOP)

University of Waterloo
Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management (Co-op and Regular) (COOP)

Wilfrid Laurier University
BBA Honours Business Administration

University of Waterloo
Accounting and Financial Management - Business and Finance Co-op (COOP)

The University of Western Ontario
MN:Management & Organizational Studies [FINANCE FOR MOS]

York University
YK:Business Administration

University of Toronto
Commerce (including Accounting, Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing) [FINANCE]

I will be completing the ABS forms and supplementry form and stuff
Any tips guys on my applications?
I want to become a CFA and want to become an investment banker.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
ye, your chances are slim to none. I suggest you stay back a year or drop out and join the stone masons.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I agree with the above notion
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
Seems like your predicted top 6 is 89.2. You'll likely get into all of those programs, or at least get into enough of those programs to be able to be satisfied with a choice. However, I wouldn't close to the door to becoming a stone mason just yet.

Also, you don't specialize in MOS for finance first year. Also, doesn't seem like you're applying to Ivey. If you get MOS but no Ivey... don't go to Western.
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A photo of Crispy122 Crispy122
i actually did apply for ivey aeo status too
im doing my application right now
i have a question, since western is really expensive, what school should i go to for first 2 years and than be able to switch over to ivey
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