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My chances of getting into my business programs of choice? Click here! :p

A photo of shandal shandal
Hey guys, I was wondering on my chances of getting into my business programs...here are my marks.

Advanced Functions - 91
English - 88
International Business - 94
Business Leadership Management Fundamentals - 91
Data Management - 90

So, so far for first semester and last year grade 11(Data) I have a 90.8 average. Next semester I have calculus which can range anywhere from low 80s to high 80s...i really can't predict right now. Economics and Accounting I beleive i can reach above 90 in those courses.

Ec's include being a deca marketing executive, and a competitor for the deca regional s, and other random small stuff. My supp app. are above average i guess.

I applied to UTSC management co-op, Shulich BBA, Waterlo AFM/CA i think..., Queens commerce, Laurier and Western...not sure what program i applied for lol i forgot. I know these type of question are asked all the time, but i want some assurance to get the weight off my shoulders...thanks guys.
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
UTSC - probably, if your supplementary is actually above average
Schulich - borderline :/
AFM - really depends on AFMAA from this point on
Laurier - yep.
Western (I'm assuming Ivey) - not if you just have deca as ECs...

best of luck(:
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