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My chances of getting into Waterloo Computer Science

A photo of iSeeNubs iSeeNubs
I just finished grade 11 semester 1 today and after looking at my marks I've been thinking about my marks for admissions. This is where I'm sitting at right now.

Chemistry 20: 79% (Had an 86 before the final exam but dropped because I had a horrible teacher)
Biology 20: 91%
English 20-1: 71%

Next semester I will have Math 20-1, Physics 20 and Social 20-1, these are the expected marks.

Math 20-1: 95%
Physics 20: 92%
Social 20-1: 82%

What's the influence of grade 11 marks on my admissions in the future? Would my chemistry mark affect it a whole lot? I'm worried because I know my averages aren't the best and I'm really hoping to get into a decent school, if not Waterloo it could be UBC, UT etc. I don't really know where I'm at right now and it's really bugging me at the moment.

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A photo of DntMessWitRohan DntMessWitRohan
Early acceptance is heavily dependant on Gr. 11 marks and if you work at it now, you can reap a stress free Gr. 12 and not have to worry as much about waiting until the last minute to get accepted.

However, it's not the end of the world and you can always run through summer school. I did it myself to boost my marks and applied to universities that didn't penalize for it and so they picked the higher mark out of the two. Summer school's always an option if you are worried.

And with that said, Gr. 11 is just the start of it, you still have to get through all of Gr. 12 and survive! This is where it most counts getting into the university itself and you need to maintain a required average to keep your offer of acceptance.

Just relax and work at your grades now so you don't have to worry about it later! ;)
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