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My Chances?

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I applied to the Ryerson's Business technology management Program formally known as Information technology management program. I have met all the Pre-Requsists, except 1, I needed a 65+ in Data Management and I got a 53 (Family problems). This was not Originally stated in the E-info Site when I first looked it up (The Math pre-req %, it just said you needed to have it).

My total avrg, English avrg, avrg of top 6 ect are around 6-7 % higher then they ask for though.

I plan to go to summer school ti improve this for sure. And from what I have heard it is not a very competitive program.

So What are my chances of getting in (Without summer school) and also will they accept summer school marks (and my chances of getting in with summer school marks being over what they asked) ?

Note: I have Received a conditional Acceptance form them.

On there list of Summer School Extension Programs, My Program is not listed. However I don't know if they will make an extension or not based on my other marks (All of them that are above my prerequisites.

So Hypothetically, if they refuse Summer school for my Program, what would be my chances?

Also anything else I need to know would be great??

Thanks alot
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If you had family problems, then you have a good excuse. I would talk to a Ryerson representative, after all, it is your best opportunity. wouldn't you heard from them if the conditional acceptance changed? My friend was accepted to Ryerson and their first deposit is due July 5th, that is tomorrow. Plan B would be summer school. I would also call them to see if their is any space in the program still, if you choose summer school.
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