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My three choices, Weigh In!

A photo of Vingilot Vingilot
Hey all, I'll be entering engineering this fall at either western, mcmaster or potentially waterloo and was wondering if anyone would like to weigh in on their experiences or knowledge about the respective engineering programs.

I know it might not be true but I've got it in my head from threads and people I have spoken with that waterloo would be the hardest, and that mac is more fun and western even more so. I think enjoying my experience is important but I want the best education and consequent career options possible, anyone care to share their opinion?

I don't know western too well, but have friends in mac and seen waterloo, as the curriculum for engineering is apparently generic, do the schools widely vary in difficulty? Not that much not afraid of working hard, I plan to, but just asking. So lots of questions, confusion and a bit of nervousness here, feel free to give me your two cents thanks all.
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A photo of ninetyfour ninetyfour
I'm not a university student so I can't comment on the difficulty, but I have been told that the education is generic and shouldn't be varying that much in difficulty. I'm personally set on Waterloo because of its co-op reputation as one of the best, which I think would be an incredible asset during and after the undergraduate years.

I've visited McMaster and Waterloo, and although McMaster's buildings seem to have more history and such, I still like Waterloo better. I haven't visited Western yet because I wasn't too seriously set to go there, but I hear their campus is pretty amazing.

Pretty much for myself, I've been debating between Mac and UW but I'm choosing UW because of its co-op. I think the experience I would gain would help me find a job after graduating. :3
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A photo of Vingilot Vingilot
Yeah I've seen mac and it looks nice but beyond that I'm leaning towards waterloo. I applied to western rather spontaneously because of its reputation for business and a potential double degree. I applied to aeo status there for the business school in the upper years but don't know of I'd make the cut now or be able to maintain a high enough average in engineering to get in later on. Thanks for your thoughts as always :)
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A photo of ninetyfour ninetyfour
No problem :)
I pretty much applied to Western for the same reason, although I didn't apply for AEO status. When I was talking with a Western admissions rep at the University Fair, I told him my tentative average and he said I would get accepted, so I kind of applied partially as backup lol because I was afraid of not getting accepted at other places. The other part was for the opportunity to do a double degree.
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