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Nanotech or Engsci?

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The age old question: which is better?

I like U of T's curriculum better, I don't really enjoy co-op. My goal is to go to grad school.

On the other hand I really like the nanotechnology, stuff like quantum phys is really up my alley.

To those who have started uni, which program is better?
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I'm not sure what you mean by nanotech but there is a nano option in engsci as far as I know. Although things may potentially be different by the time you can choose that option.
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Waterloo's Engineeering program is based around Co-op. I like it a lot since it gives you alot of work-experience and money. My brother is becoming a software engineering from there and he has already worked at IBM, Sunlife Insurance and CIBC.

If you don't like co-op I would say go to Eng sci. They have the nanotechnology major in 3rd and 4th year. If you are a bit confused, you always have year and 1 and two to decide what major you might want. Eng Sci will give you more options, such as Biomedical and Aerospace in the 3rd and fourth year. They also have a PEY program which is optional for 4th year students. Its a year and half long paid internship, so if you don't like the system of co-op you still have the chance to do PEY since its optional.

Waterloo also just made a new building for quantum and nanotechnology, thats pretty cool to me.

If you care about rankings, UofT is ranked #1 in Canada for Engineering and 13th in the world. It even hit #8 last year.

Both universities are amazing and will get you a job right after you graduate. I personally like co-op alot so I would choose Waterloo, but at the same time I want to stay downtwon @ St.George.

Hard decision and good luck !
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