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Nanotechnology at UW or Science at McGill?

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I am having trouble deciding where to go to do my undergrad next year. In the end, I think it will narrow down to either Nanotechnology at UW or Biomedical Sciences at McGill. I know both of these are excellent programs to get into but I am still not 100% sure. Any thoughts? :)
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Wrong forum.
Should have put this in the Sciences section.
Would you want to do something like co-op?
If that's something you're interesting in, then I would go for Waterloo.
McGill is a pretty good school, especially for Business & Sciences, so you'd be in good hands there.
If you're thinking of going to med school, I think McGill would be a good option, but it may be hard to maintain a high GPA there.
It really depends on what YOU like doing, since Nanotech and biomed aren't closely related really.
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ahaha sorry first time user :P
Yes co-op would definitely be a bonus; however, I hear that it is rather difficult to find a co-op position in nanotechnology. I've also heard that there are also better profs at McGill, and a higher likelihood of getting hired as a TA or something.
I guess I should probably repost this in the science forum lol
Thanks for your insight! :D
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