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need advice - waterloo arts or ryerson business?

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So I am currently enrolled in first year honours arts at University of Waterloo. I was originally enrolled in the Math and Business Administration program here but I was way in over my head so I switched into arts for 2nd semester. Now I have a dilema because I originally wanted to go to University for Business but chose waterloo because I like math (or so I thought...) and because of the co-op. Now I am in arts and could major in economics which I find interesting in and I would be okay with, but I also applied to transfer to Ryerson Business (I am from Toronto). I have heard a lot of bad things about Ryerson and its business program. So I am wandering, what would be better, an arts degree from University of Waterloo or a commerce degree from Ryerson? I am very conflicted about this, any insight/advice would be greatly appreciated
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My suggestions:
1) Stick with Arts & business. Its a better program then people give it credit for, especially if you don't want to do accounting/finance/consulting. Currently working with 2 people in arts &business, and they are great people, with great co-ops.
2) Think of transfering to WLU. Just down the street, and you can go into a full fledged business program, with co-op!
3) if you must, switch to Ryerson. But I think you're better staying in the Loo.
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