yconic - Need advice on re-taking grade 12 English ASAP!!!
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Need advice on re-taking grade 12 English ASAP!!!

A photo of MsMoney MsMoney
I'm currently in a grade 12 English class and my mark just isn't where I want it to be at in order to be accepted into the universities I have applied to. I'm re-taking this course next semester in day school because I want to aim for a higher mark, but I was wondering if it would be better to take it in night school since I have already taken the course once?
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A photo of jpmorgan jpmorgan
What unis/ programs did you apply for? im in the same situation, im doing better now in day school. I had 77 in summer school (hard teacher, bombed summative and exam.) My workload in school is too much for me to go to night school, but it is far easier than day school. Go if you can handle it. My eng mark is 84 now.
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A photo of MsMoney MsMoney
I'm going into business administration so I really wanted my English mark to be in the 80's and abovee. If I were to take the course in day school I'm pretty sure I could do good considering I already know what I'll be working on throughout the semester, and night school seems like it might just be too much with day school aswell..? I haven't heard many good things about nightschool either lol
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