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Need advice: raising CGPA

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I'm in 2nd year and I currently have an extremely low CGPA (4.5), but i'm anticipating a close to 5.0 CGPA by the end of this semester. I need to get it to an 8 by the end of my program, I still have 2 years+ to do this. So I need advice from you other university students...I am planning on retaking anything with a low mark hugely affecting my CGPA, but apparently i can only retake 4 classes in total at uOttawa. Now say for example I retake 4 classes and my CGPA is still low, is there a way to get rid of my other lower marks? I heard there's a limit of 12 classes you can take per year, so if i were to do 13 second year classes, would that knock off my lowest mark of that year?
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I think it depends on each university, my sister attends york U and she retook 2 classes that she failed and her previous marks were erased and the new ones were put inm but if she does this course again a 3rd time she has the 2nd marks and 3rd marks up and i think they both count. I would advise continueing taking your courses for the 3rd year and then see what is realyl bringin downur CGPA and retake those courses and then continue onto 4th year and also book advising appointments, those people can best assist you since they know all options available at you school.
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