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Need help choosing what Uni to go to.

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As the title says, im a bit confused on what university i should go to next year. I've been accepted to all 3 places that i've applied to. York BA for IT, UOIT for IT Networking and Security, and Ryerson BTM. I was sort of set on going to ryerson, but after researching more, turns out the program may suck or not suck and im confused now. I've seen forums that say it's amazing and has gotten the person jobs etcetc, while others say the program sucks and overall a waste.


^ this is a thread thats making me iffy on BTM now.

I need your help guys, where do i go to.

Also UOIT kinda out of the question as residence and and everything else it a bit to much for me. Really its up between York IT and Ryerson BTM, thanks in advance guys.
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Yeah I wouldn't choose UOIT if I were you. As for York and Ryerson, I would say whatever atmosphere you think you'll like the most. It's moreover what you do in university rather than where you go. So be as involved as you can, and you'll land that job. :cheers:
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