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Need help with residence stuffs!

A photo of blackswan blackswan
Okay, here's the problem:

- Got accepted to UT, Woodsworth College, with a housing guarantee
- Apply for Woodsworth only like 2 days after I got the offer, turns out Woodsworth's full and can't house me
- So they told me to apply to Chestnut, I did that. But since it's so expensive, I prefer not to go there
- So I applied for the waiting list in Woodsworth. Apparently I won't hear any news until July/August. Which means I still need a back up plan in case I dont get it.
- Asked the UT housing service. They said that they might be able to get me a space in UC. BUT apparently A&S students can't be in a residence where they don't belong as a college student. So they said I might need to request for a transfer. BUT then they said that most residences don't accept transfer.

So i'm like.... what am i supposed to do here? Woodsworth might not have a space for me. UC does, but I need to transfer there, but it might not accept transfer too. SOOO?!
Then they told me that I should check for independent residences near the campus, or even off-campus housing!

Somebody, help ):
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A photo of Ba Ba Blue Ba Ba Blue
Your housing guarantee is at Chestnut. Unfortunately it's not a very financially accessible residence.
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A photo of kraken kraken
Housing guarantee means you get a spot in a U of T res... which could be Chestnut.

Just apply to all the reses individually and get put on their waitlists. You can find the info on the housing service site. Also, Tartu College (an independent res) is pretty cheap.
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A photo of cunac cunac
I was just wondering how you ranked your colleges ?
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