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A photo of helloeveryone helloeveryone
Hi, what are the chances of getting of me getting into these programs:
McMaster Business I
Western BMOS
Laurier Economics, Honours
Wateroo WFM

with these marks?:
Ad Functions 75
Calc 75
Accounting 85
English 88
Economics 83
Securities 85
Data 93
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3 replies
A photo of Subtle Subtle
probably not WFM.
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A photo of chickenfingerlove chickenfingerlove

All of those except for WFM unless you have a really good supplementary application maybe?
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A photo of ilikeyork ilikeyork
i think ur good with BMos(without AEO) since if ur average is 85%(using data instead of cal)
laurier probably not, they want 86 87at least but ur in the 3%range so why not give it a try, u might have a chance
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