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Need some advice on my education plan to improve

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My goal is to get an average of 93%+ and admission to McGill University for life sciences.

So far in grade 10 I'm getting:

English 75
Math 93
Science 89
History 84
Physed 82
Drama 82
Band 90
Civics 90

The worst case scenario at the moment for myself right now is English. I'm somewhat aware of my biggest problems in English which are my organization of ideas, vocabulary and comprehension skills. I'm not an avid reader, and I don't read books a lot. Maybe that's what's stopping me from expanding my literary skills. I waste a lot of time in finding the right words to insert in my in-class essays and organizing my ideas in a way that flows. My remedial for this is Kumon, which helps me further improve my literary skills and math skills. Despite the fact that I have somewhat planned out how I'm going to improve English, I'm still not sure what to expect for grade 11 academic science and how to prepare for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

For the summer, I plan to read some classics, but I don't seem to feel that drive to read books. I feel like I'd rather talk to my friends or surf the web. What do ya'll suggest I do to improve?

Next year (grade 11) I'm taking:

Intro to Anthropology, Sociology
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