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Need to Know what Average you need to get in ?

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This is a fairly accurate website.

It gives you a good range to aim at.

Last year was one of the most competitive years. So the range is really high for the top universities.

Most mid-low 80's programs went to high 80's to low 90's.

The high 80's programs went to low 90's.

Eng sci used to be high 90's to low 90's in 2010

2011 it went to low 90's to mid 90's ( I feel good ;P )

Good luck guys! Join clubs and be active. It helps alot and helps you gain time management skills which is crucial !

Every university looks at different things. Most importantly keep your marks up!

UofT looked at marks and extra-curriculars.

Waterloo looked at marks and science/engineer related clubs ( which I had none so I got rejected even though it said you need high 80's and I had low 90's)

Each university is picky on what they want so good luck finding out what that is !
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Waterloo computer engineering?
Is it like 84-88? Mid 80s? Thats what it says on EInfo
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