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NEED unbiased opinions !!

A photo of angepange angepange
Hey there,

Im new here, and I am in a bit of a pickle...

Before starting university, i was torn between studying business or the sciences. I am now in first year sciences at U of T, and I'm relaizing its not my thing.

My problem is that I don't know whether to pursue business at Rotman, or at Ryerson. I was accepted to Ryerson last year, and most likely will be accepted again. Getting into Rotman would be much more difficult. As an arts and sciences student, I can get into Rotman if I complete RSM100 and ECO100 with 67 or above (Im already taking the math req).

The thing is, I would be applying to Rotman as a second priority student (the direct entry student would be first priority) and I would have to achieve a "competitive CGPA" to have a chance at entry.

My question is... should I go to Ryerson next year, or stay at U of T for the chance to go to Rotman...???

I would greatly appreciate some advice !!

PS. I talked to guidance councillors already, they just gave me a bunch of fluff.
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A photo of jl386s jl386s
If Ryerson is what you want then go for it, but if you think that waiting another year to go to Rotman then wait so that you can do something that you want to do, but is there anything worth your time at U of T to spend another year going there?
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