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Need Your Opinion! Good or bad decision?

A photo of SimpleThings SimpleThings
After high school, I would like to get into a business program (my 1st choice) but if for whatevr reason I don't get accepted into business or if I change my mind about business, I would like to get into the sciences or social sciences or sociology.

I'm in grade 10 and these are the courses I -most likely- will be taking for grade 11:

English (ENG3U1)
Math - Functions (MCR3U1)
Accounting Fubdamentals (BAF3M1)
The individual and the Economy (CIE3M1)
Biology (SBI3U1)
Chemistry (SCH3U1)
international business fundamentals (BBB4M1 - Grade 12 course)
Communications Technology (TGJ3M1)

Is this a good choice? Or should I not take sciences since I'm leaning more towards business but not 100% sure yet.
Will the course load be too much? Should I re-consider and take some easier courses?.

Suggestion/comments/tips would appreciated.
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A photo of jadegoddard jadegoddard
I think taking sciences would be a good option but only if you are interested and believe you could do well in them. Most grade 12 courses within the humanities/social sciences and/or history do not have a specific prerequisite course in order to take the course (in my personal experience), whereas the grade 12 sciences usually require the grade 11 background knowledge obtained from such courses. I believe it would keep your options open and since your still only in grade 10 it would give you time to review which course of study you'd rather pursue. Since you've said that your main interest is in buisness I'd also recommend you take as many business courses as offered through your school! I don't think this course load would be too much as long as you stay on top of things and don't procrastinate. Good luck! :cheers:
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